our values

Old-fashioned healthcare in a faST-paced world.

Our values drive everything we do. The result is you get an unparalleled level of time, attention, and high-quality care from a board-certified physician.

Physicians should take the time to listen to, understand, and care for each patient.

Over time, we earn each patient’s complete trust.

You deserve more than a Band-Aid solution.

We treat you as a partner in your healthcare, beginning to end.

You should never have to wait to see your physician.

We make accessing your doctor easy – and quick – via phone, text, email, and more.

Care shouldn’t be about what’s convenient for us.

You choose when, where, and how you receive care.

Rushed appointments and a broken healthcare system don’t improve health.

We believe healthcare should be a service industry.

Patients don’t like financial surprises.

We believe in 100% transparency.

DPC eliminates the obstacles to our providing truly excellent care.